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Golf Question What Is Meant By The Phase Trigger Finger In GolfA golfing term which often gets mis-used is the trigger finger or trigger fingers. Not only is the term mis-used but also overlooked.

The trigger finger is the point of pressure created when the club rests against and across the middle joint of the right hand forefinger. It plays a major role in supporting and the loading the club during the back swing and then lagging (maintaining the angle between the wrists and club shaft) during the down swing before impact. During the swing, players can feel the clubs weight in the joint of the right forefinger the entire time with the right thumb pressing lightly down on top of the grip.

To ensure your trigger finger is set correctly use this following guide to achieve a neutral grip with a good trigger finger:

As a general rule of thumb, golfers need to see two and a half knuckles on the left hand and one and a half knuckles on the right hand. In this position, the Vs created by the left thumb and forefinger and the right thumb and forefinger should point up at the right shoulder.

This is generally considered to be a neutral grip, however, different golf coaches have different opinions and every players golf grip should be tailored to suit their needs. Ben Hogan, for example, suffered with a hook shot during the early part of his career before changing his grip to what many people would consider a weak grip. Hogans right hand sat more on top of the club but he was a great exponent of the trigger finger, resting the club perfectly on the right forefinger joint.

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The right hand should stay relaxed with its grip pressure during the swing with only the trigger fingers applying pressure.

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Dont get confused between the terminology of a swing trigger (which begins the swing and kick starts the action) and the trigger finger which is a part of that technique.

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This could be classed as a reverse trigger. The pressure applied by the left hand needs to come from the back two fingers. The trigger finger is an overlooked fundamental which could help many different aspects of the swing.