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Answer What Does Moving Off The Ball Mean

Moving off the ball during the back swing can become a big problem for many amateur golfers.

It normally occurs when players looking to increase back swing turn and power extend the arms away from the ball but let the body follow. This will cause most of the body weight to transfer onto the back foot and the hips, torso and head to slide backwards.
This causes a number of problems. Because the body slides away from the ball, unless a special effort is made to get the body back to a similar position as it was at address, the strike can only be inconsistent. This amount of swaying back and through will make it very hard to achieve a correct angle of attack, hip turn or weight transfer through the ball. There are a number of drills which can be practiced to help keep the body weight more central during the back swing.

Stay Central

A big sway or move off the ball during the back swing will almost certainly involve a hip slide/weight transfer onto the back foot. The easiest way to identify this and stop it occurring is to put something just outside the right hip at address.

  • At a driving range take all the clubs out of your bag and use a lofted club like a 7 iron to hit shots.
  • Place the bag three inches outside the right foot standing upright. Most bags have enough height to reach just above hip high.
  • Hit balls as normal but concentrate on keeping your body weight 50-50 on each foot. If successful the right hip should stay well clear of the bag.
  • If you cant seem to stop sliding back into the bag, give yourself some more room and gradually move it back in when more comfortable with the change.

By staying central the hip turn and weight transfer through the ball will be much simpler and consistent leading to better ball striking.

Moving off the ball will see a big slide to the right foot during the back swing, focus on keeping the weight central for better strikes.

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If you are beginning to move your weight onto your heels during the back swing this is known as moving away from the ball. A slight difference in wording but a big difference in technique. Moving away from the ball is more of a stance, posture and balance problem that will need another drill and other swing thoughts to cure.

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As you swing the arms back and rotate the body there will be a slight lateral weight shift onto the back foot, but only slight. Players should focus on turning around the spine angle, keeping the weight evenly balanced on each foot.

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Whilst there shouldnt be a big transfer of weight onto the back foot during the backswing, players dont want to cause themselves greater problems by placing more weight on the front foot. This will cause a steep angle of attack into the ball.