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Golf Question: What Does A Square Golf Club Face Mean And How Important Is It?A good pre-shot routine is vital for consistent body alignment but most importantly for squaring the club face to the target. A square club face is when the club face is at right angles to the target line and points straight to where you want the ball to go.

To do this the player should stand behind the ball looking straight down the target line and pick out something like a leaf, divot or blade of grass, for example, to set the club face at a 90 degree angle in order to extend this point straight to the target.

Once aligned correctly at set up, this is only half the battle. The club face needs to arrive back to the ball in a square position for the shot to be executed to the expectations of the player. This will take a good golf swing in order to maintain a square club face throughout the swing.

To hit a straight golf shot, the club face needs to be perfectly square to the target with the swing path swinging on a 0.0 degree angle to the target. However, a square club face at impact is virtually impossible and even more difficult to repeat. All golfers have a shape of shot they naturally hit, whether it be on purpose of not. The shots can range from a slice to a hook with a fade or draw in the middle. With all of these potential outcomes, the club face is never square to the target line. For example, a draw shot would be a swing path from in to out with the club face closed to the path but open to the target line. This angle between the path and the club face creates the right to left shape.

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The club being square to the ground or square to the target are two totally different things. A square club to the target talks about the angle of the club face and where it is pointing at set up and/or impact. This is the angle which will determine where the ball will start.
A square club to the ground is about how the club sits on the floor making sure the heel or the toe arent off the ground as this adjusts the angle in which the face points. For example, if the heel is off the ground then the face will point further to the right and if the toe is off the ground the club face will point more to the left.

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A square golf club relates to the angle in which it is pointing at in relation to the target. A square club is pointing the face directly at the target line this creates a better chance of good golf shots.

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A good swing plane plays a huge role in the direction and distance of a golf shot, however, the club face is also the key fundamental in the outcome of a shot. If the swing path is in to out but the club face is square to the path, the ball will go straight right and miss the target right, or if the club face is open to the path then it will push and slice further right of the target. With this swing path, the ball needs to curve right to left to finish on the target so needs to be pointing left of the path but right of the target to create this draw shape. A square club face is vital of the final outcome of the shots.