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Answer What Causes A Golf Pull Slice Shot

The pull slice is the shot shape which every amateur golfer has experienced at least once in their life.

When hit, the ball will start left of the target before curving right in the air to finish well right of the target. It is caused by a combination of an out-to-in swing path (cutting across the body) with a club face which is open to path and target.

Its a shot shape golfers have been hitting since the game was invented in the 16th century and will almost certainly never be eradicated unless evolution takes an unexpected turn! There are two main causes of a push slice as mentioned above.

Swing Path

The swing path for a pull slice must travel from out-to-in cutting across the target line. This is what causes the ball to start left (pull left of the target). The most common phrase used by golfers to describe this movement is over the top because the club travels out over the top of the ball-to-target line and swings out to the left (for a right handed golfer). Swinging over the top is most commonly caused when the hands and arms become too dominant during the down swing. Players struggling with this should first focus on rotating the hips through the ball and letting the hands drop straight down. If the hips move first ,the arms are more likely to fall naturally onto a better path through the ball.

Open club face

To complete the pull slice, golfers need to have an open club face at the point of impact. The club face will be open to path and target producing counter clockwise spin and a curving flight to the right. It is usually the case with most golfers that they hold the club face open through impact because of the swing path, so this should be the main focus. However, having a weak grip or poor rotation of the forearms through impact can cause the club face to remain open at impact.

A pull slice is caused by an unfortunate combination of club path (outside) and club face angle at impact (open). These two swing fundamentals should be looked at first by players looking to cure a pull slice.

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There are different variations of the slice and one which starts right and goes further right is called a push slice. The pull slice (or classic slice) starts left before curving through the air and is the most common problem ball flight amongst golfers.

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Many players who struggle try to play with a slice by aiming further left and hoping the ball curves back to the target. Unfortunately, aiming further left only usually exacerbates the problem causing more movement through the air, not less.

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There can be no doubt players with low swing speeds using stiff shafts are more likely to slice the ball as the club face becomes harder to square through impact. Players should look at their equipment for help not hindrance, investigating offset drivers is also an option.