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Golf Question Should My Body Be Square To My Target For Normal Golf ShotsIf a golfer is looking to hit a straight shot, their club face and body alignment should be high priority.

The club face should be aiming down the target line and the feet, knees, hips and shoulders should be square to that line. This will allow the club head to move on a consistent inside to square to inside swing path through the
. In other words, it will allow the club to swing more down the target line. Follow this routine to ensure the
is correct.

  • From behind the ball, lock on to the target and draw a line back from the target to the ball. This line represents the ball-to-target-line.
  • Just in front of the ball, pick something which sits on the ball-to-target line. On the course this could be something small like a different shade of grass or divot.
  • After the ball-to-target line has been identified, move into the set up position and aim the
    club face
    at the intermediate target. This means at address the club face is aiming at the target.
  • After the club face is aligned correctly, the toes, knees, hips and shoulders should be then set at right angles to the club face and ball-to-target line.

To check that the alignment is correct, place either alignment sticks or golf clubs along the toe line and either side of your ball to represent the aim line and path. The aim line and body should run in parallel lines towards the target. The easiest way to imagine this is a dead straight train track. The ball sits on the outer rail (target line) whilst the body runs along the inner rail (body line)

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Using the train track analogy, imagine if those rails crossed…youd have a crash! Its the same in golf - the target line and body line are travelling in parallel lines and not at the same thing.

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In a square alignment, the body line will run parallel and left of the target allowing the club to swing on the correct path. If the body aims more left, however, the club is likely to swing on an out-to-in swing path causing fades and slices.

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If the body starts to aim to the right, compensations will have to be made to the swing, meaning the club face will have to close in relation to path, or the swing path will have to move from out-to-in and pull the ball back to target. The body should be square to the target line at address when trying to hit a straight shot.