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Correct Golf Answer Yes…of course

Having lessons and improving technique is the only way that golfers can steadily raise their game.

Learning about your own technique and how to improve it from a recognised and respected teaching professional can unlock reservoirs of potential just lurking underneath the surface.

There are many reasons people dont approach professionals for lessons, each one understandable. It could be you are afraid of asking for help, worried about the cost, scared of the changes not working or maybe not trusting someone else with your game. All of these are valid concerns but for every bad lesson there are 100 good ones. The key is to find a good professional who can get the best from you game.

Probably the best way to find a good teaching professional is to approach good players at your club or other high standard golfers you know and ask them if they have had/are having lessons with anyone locally. After finding the name of a respected professional, arrange to have an hour introductory session. If the professional is up to scratch they will talk you through your game and get to know what your goals and ambitions are before making any changes. The changes that are then made should coincide and be geared towards helping you reach your goals.

Many people think that lessons are reserved to the driving range and long game. But lessons on putting, chipping, pitching, bunkers and rescue shots can improve your game and handicap even more. There are always avenues of improvement to explore, find a professional to help guide the way.

Although there are people who have had bad lessons, golfers who are natural talents and those who self-teach, the majority of golfers will benefit from having lessons.

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This is something many people are scared of and it can happen. However, finding a good professional and expressing your concerns is the best way to ensure this doesnt happen.

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There are always examples of great players and winners who have never taken lessons. They are either self-taught or just have exceptional natural talent. But for every unique individual there are hundreds who benefit from having lessons.

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Self-diagnosis is tempting and can work, however, it is a dangerous road to take. Some tips could work for one person and not another but the most problematic is when golfers diagnose a problem incorrectly and then apply the wrong fix. This can lead to a world of problems.