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Golf Question: Should I Hinge My Wrists More When Chipping At Golf?When playing chip shots, simplicity is often the best way to get the most consistent results.
The most consistent results when playing a basic chip shot can be gained by keeping the wrist hinge down to a minimum.

This is not all inclusive, however, as many short game shots require a greater amount of wrist hinge, such as a flop shot or bunker shot. Follow this technique when playing a basic chip and run, or chip and check shot (with the higher lofted wedges.

  • Hold the club slightly further down the grip for more control.
  • The club face should be square to the ball-to-target line and the shoulders parallel to this line. The feet and hips, however, should be slightly open to the target line. This is because the chipping swing is short and the golfer doesnt have the time to build up enough momentum to turn the hips through impact. This is why golfers should pre-set the impact position.
  • The ball should be positioned just back of center in the stance with 60% of body weight on the front foot. The hands should also be opposite the front thigh. By leaning the shaft towards the target slightly it will be easier to create a clean contact and descending blow on the ball. It also slightly presets the wrists allowing for minimum wrist hinge on the back swing.
  • As the weight moves over to the front foot, the spine angle should follow and tilt towards the target.
  • After taking the correct set up, the swing is mostly controlled with the shoulders rocking back and through. The grip should be kept as light as possible to increase feel. The shoulders, arms and club shaft lean towards the target to create a ‘y shape.
  • As the shoulders rock back, the arms, wrists and hands stay connected with each other. This means the arms move back under the control of the shoulders, the wrists move back under the control of the arms and hands rock back and through.
  • Players will feel the hands, arms and shoulders are all one unit connected together and should not break down through the swing.
  • At impact, the left arm and back of the left wrist should be held firm to ensure there is no flicking of the club head at the ball.
  • The hands return ahead of the club head at impact and the shoulders, arms, and club shaft maintain the y shape.
  • This y shape and the lack of wrist hinge should be maintained into the follow through.
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    Its a common misconception that lots of wrist hinge is needed to achieve a downward strike when chipping. Setting the hands, weight and spine angle forward at address can help achieve these things.

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    The shoulders should be seen as the main driver of power during the chipping stroke, everything works underneath them. Just hingeing the wrists will cause a high level of inconsistency in ball striking.

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    As long as there are no alterations at address, the shaft will leave the hands at a pre-set angle and setting the hands ahead of the ball slightly will increase this angle. There is no need to add any more than this but those pre-set angles should not be taken away either. The most consistent way to hit chip shots is to power the stroke with the shoulders and keep the wrists and arm movement to a minimum.