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Correct Golf Answer Yes…..depending on the situation

There are many times during a round when golfers will be faced with the choice of playing safe or hitting a low percentage shot.

A low percentage shot is when the chances of pulling off the required technique and ball flight are low but the result, if successful, could reap huge reward. This is to be contrasted with the safe option which will be safer to play but offer less in reward. A classic example would be to attack a pin which is tucked in close behind a deep bunker.

Whether or not to go for the low percentage option depends on a number of different criteria; all of which must be considered before playing the shot.

Position in the match – The position you find yourself either during a medal round or matchplay could have a big impact on whether you go for a low percentage shot. If for example you are behind in your match with only a few holes to go and have to make a birdie then taking on the shot may be your only option. However, if your score during a medal round is very low and you stand a chance of winning, attacking a tight fairway with the driver may not be the wisest option. Learning to recognise your match position and playing appropriately is important in deciding if the low percentage shot is worthwhile.

The type of shot – Some low percentage shots might be easier to play than others for certain people. For example, players who naturally fade a ball will find a low percentage drive around a dogleg right easier than someone who naturally draws or hooks the ball. Experience of the shot is also important, as you will be able to draw on good memories.

Going for low percentage shots is what makes the game more enjoyable, but pick your moments of when to attack.

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Although tempting (and often indulged), going for every low percentage shot will not improve scores and will likely lead to some huge numbers. Attack when needed but learn how to throttle back and be safe when needed.

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Although going for every shot is not advisable, neither is constantly playing safe. By playing safe all the time there will be a limit to how low your scores can be. Also playing safe all the time will make the game less enjoyable, choose your moments and attack!

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Some demanding shots like the flop shot take practice to perfect. If you are faced with a shot on the course which you have never practiced then choose a safer option and practice the technique away from the course.