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Golf Question: How Should My Left Hip Move During The Golf Swing?The hips help to increase tension and resistance against the shoulder turn which uncoils and provides power from the rotation through the golf ball.

    The movement of the hips during the back swing is very minimal as they turn approximately 45 degrees with the shoulders going back 90 degrees, creating a 45 degree difference and build-up of tension.

    The hips will initiate the down swing by turning towards the target and pulling the upper body with them. This helps the gradual increase of speed to create more power. As the hips rotate and approach impact, the left leg will begin to straighten and the hips lift up slightly as they rotate around their axis.

    This is something every player should work on to achieve more power and better strikes through the swing because lifting through impact will automatically make inexperienced golfers think they are lifting their heads which is not the case. The left hip is clearing backwards to allow for a further and more powerful rotation.

    To practise this on the range, you should hit half shots but allow yourself time to rotate the hips. Challenge yourself to get your left leg straight and your hips pointing to the target through impact. This will give you the feedback that you are rotating to your full potential.

    The swing will feel faster but this is another positive to making this change because swing speed and distance will increase when you get on the course.

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A lot of golfers go for the less I move, the straighter it will go approach but this in fact causes more off centre and poor directional hits as the swing path will become variable from shot to shot. With this path, you will see the angle of attack steepen or shallow which will affect ball striking. The rhythm in your swing will also be hindered because you have no trigger or starting pointing from the top of your back swing, therefore causing poor weight shift and a shortened, less powerful follow through position. Be sure to work on hip rotation and not avoid it.

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Providing your shoulders turn 90 degrees, you certainly dont want the hips to turn the same because it will eradicate all the tension and power in the swing but also make the impact position less powerful as it can cause the arms and wrists to lead the swing and shallow the angle of attack into the ball. The hips play a huge role in the golf swing and should be worked on as a priority if you find yourself struggling with distance and/or ball striking.

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Rotation of the hips can only be a good thing because it will allow some momentum through the impact area but you want the hips to be first into the ball as it is the hips that will initiate the down swing, driving the rest of the body through afterwards. If the hips come through last, you have lost a monumental power source.