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Golf Question: How Should I Play Up Hill Golf Chip Shots?When playing chip shots around the green its very unlikely golfers will ever find a completely flat lie. Because of this its important to know how to adapt the body shape to match the slope.

When hitting chips off an uphill lie use this technique and pay attention to the differences it will make to the resulting shot.

  • Hold the club down the grip for more control, almost near the shaft.
  • The club face should be square to the target and the shoulders parallel to this line.
  • Like most chip shots, the feet and hips should be slightly open to the target line.
  • The ball should be positioned just back of center in the stance.
  • Normally 60% of body weight would be placed on the front foot. However, when hitting shots off an uphill slope this would lean the body into the hill and tilt the spine towards the target. Try to make sure the spine stays perpendicular to the slope. This could mean feeling a little weight is placed on the back foot.
  • Try to place the hands opposite the front thigh.
  • After taking the correct set up the swing is mostly controlled with the shoulders rocking back and through.
  • As the shoulders rock back, the arms, wrists and hands stay connected with each other. This means the arms move back under control of the shoulders, the wrists move back under control of the arms and hands rock back and through.
  • At impact the left arm and back of the left wrist should be held firm to ensure there is no flicking of the club head at the ball.
  • Because of the adaptions of the spine angle the club should move through the ball along the same angle of the slope and not dig in.
  • Try to keep balanced as the club passes through impact and moves up the slope.
  • Because of the differences in set up, the ball will fly higher than normal and once it lands it will not have as much roll as usual.

Both these things need to be taken into account before hitting the shot and selecting the club.

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Most of the alterations which occur are made at address so the technique can remain relatively similar to one used off a flat lie. There is no need to make big changes if simple ones will suffice.

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Leaning into the slope can cause the club to dig into the ground and cause fat shots. Adapt the body the match the slope so the club can travel through impact on a natural arc.

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Because of the adaptions made at address, the ball will already fly higher than normal. There is no need for players to add extra height on to the shot if not needed. When hitting chip shots off an uphill lie, golfers should adapt their body to match the slope.