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Answer How do you chip with a hybrid club

If youre not utilizing at least one of your hybrid clubs for chipping around the green, youre not taking advantage of these clubs amazing versatility. Youre probably wasting strokes, too.

The hybrids relatively small head and rounded sole make it very easy to hit from a variety of lies. Its a great weapon for long chips, bump-and-run shots which bounce up a bank, and even straightforward chips where youd normally play a short iron.

Not only do hybrids work well around the greens, theyre easy to use. The key to success is practicing enough to get a feel for how the ball reacts coming off the face – how high does it fly, how “hot” does it run, how far does it roll. You can figure that out after learning the basic technique for hybrid chipping. Here it is:

  • Grip the club just as you do your putter – with a reverse-overlap or left-hand-low style, for example. Choke down a few inches to account for the hybrids extra length.
  • Assume your normal putting stance width and play the ball in the center, or slightly left (forward) of center.
  • Stroke the ball as though hitting a putt with an arms-and-shoulders motion. That means sweeping the turf rather than striking down on the ball, which can generate too hard of a hit.

Experiment by practicing with hybrids of different lofts for shots of varying lengths. As with irons, youll likely find less-lofted hybrids more effective for long, running shots, while higher lofts give the ball lift on shorter shots.

The best thing about chipping with hybrids is how smoothly they slide across the turf. If you have a tendency to snag the club on chips, the fix might already be in your bag.
What else can hybrids do beyond the standard tee and fairway shots? Darn near anything – weve got a whole section devoted to playing hybrids. Try these tips to squeeze maximum utility from yours:

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Actually, a hybrid chip involves little or no wrist action. Its an arms-and-shoulders stroke, just like putting. If your hands and wrists get too involved, youll struggle to control the distance and height of your shots.

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This method is sometimes employed when using a sand wedge to “putt” a ball lying against a thicker cut of grass. Its entirely unnecessary with a hybrid, though, because the club slips so lightly across the top of the grass.

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In fact, just about any club in your bag can be effective for chipping. (Driver being the exception.) Hybrids, though, are uniquely suited to the task. Learn to use yours around the greens and youll be amazed at their handiness.