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Correct Golf Answer Striking down and through the ball

A shot many amateurs would love to emulate is the low skipping wedge which bounces up the green before suddenly checking and stopping next to the hole.

When professionals play the low wedge shot there is no real secret just good technique, a soft ball and solid ball striking. This shot becomes very useful when golfers need to spin the ball around the green but keep it down and out of the wind. Its a shot you see played countless times by professionals at the British Open.

Practice this technique to play the low checking wedge shot:

  • At set up, place the ball just back of centre in the stance with the feet quite narrow; only 12 inches apart at most.
  • The club should be aimed straight down the ball-to-target line but the feet and hips angled slightly to the left.
  • Place about 70% body weight on the front foot and lean the shaft towards the target so the hands are ahead of the ball opposite the left thigh.
  • Swing the club away using the body to power the stroke. Golfers want to keep the wrist movement to a minimum.
  • The back swing should be short in length and coming through impact players need to punch through the ball.
  • Punching through the ball means 70% of the body weight should be on the front foot ensuring a downward strike and the hands should return at impact ahead of the ball, opposite the left thigh.
  • The follow through should be short with very little wrist hinge once again.
  • Because the swing is short and punchy, the ball will fly out low when compared to a normal wedge shot but be loaded with enough back spin to check up once it lands on the green.

The low wedge is a great shot to call upon, practice this technique and emulate the professionals.

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Although hitting balls from the middle or front of the stance can be useful in some situations, golfers should focus on keeping the ball further back when trying to hit the ball low. A wedge shot played with the ball in the back of the stance will feature a steep angle of attack. This will cause a lower ball flight. Golfers should not, however, fall into the trap of playing the ball from beyond the back foot as the angle of attack will become too steep and cause uncontrollable shot trajectory.

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By closing the club face players can achieve a slightly lower ball flight. However, closing the face will cause the club to lose loft whilst not increasing back spin. Keep the club face square but alter the set up and swing.

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When playing the low wedge, players need to keep the swing speed down. Increasing the club head speed will increase the overall amount of back spin but could also cause the ball to fly too high. Keeping the swing speed smooth will allow the golfer to hit the ball lower.