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Golf Question: How Can I Strike My Golf Driver Out Of The Middle Every Time?The best players in the world are still trying to figure out how to hit their drivers out of the middle of their club every time. Sometimes you have to be thankful the drivers nowadays are so forgiving that they hide many of our mistakes.

The most important aspect of hitting the driver well and consistently has got to come down to a good, solid set up consisting of a strong well angled posture, perfect ball position in relation to the players bottom of arc swing path position, grip and width of stance for power and stability.

The grip doesnt have to be perfectly neutral but it shouldnt be either too strong or too weak as it is the hands that control the angle of the face at impact.

The posture plays a relevantly important role in keeping the spine angle straight and the rotation consistent, rather than any lateral movement. It also prevents any losses or gains in height during the swing. Having a perfect ball position means that when the club reaches the bottom of the swing arc and it is just on its way up the ball is there waiting to be hit. It shouldnt be too far back in the stance to create a steep angle of attack and promote a skied shot or too far forward to produce a shot off the bottom of the face.

Even with the perfect set up, a good golf swing needs to be made but at least with the key fundamentals in place, a player can then go and execute a better shot.

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Regardless of the velocity needed to execute a particular golf shot, all shots should all be hit with the utmost commitment. From tight tee shots to wide open fairways, the best swing is the committed one. We all fall into the trap of worrying about the potential danger we may face from a shot, but the steered or guided drives are always the worst.

When a player thinks they are swinging slower to keep it in play, they are really just causing bad rhythm and timing which is a mistake made by many amateurs and in fact causes more mis-hits than fairways hit.

Always commit to the shot. This doesnt mean swing 100% at the ball, but swing within yourself and at a speed that is consistent with the rest of your game.

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Putting the ball further forward in a golf stance will not make the centeredness of the strike improve. It may add more height or it may cause the ball to be topped. It all depends on whether this change suits the players swing.

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The grip is responsible for connecting the club to the body and it is important for keeping the club face aligned to the target at impact, however, the grip will not have a direct impact on the players ability to strike the ball consistently out of the middle of the club. The swing path and key fundamentals such as posture and ball position will have a bigger bearing on this.

While we are aware that the grip is an important piece to the jigsaw of hitting great centred drives, it isnt the main component for it.