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Correct Golf Answer Practice chipping with one hand

You strike a ball solidly at the green, it flies through the air on target but it lands just short and finishes at the front of the green on the fringe grass.

As you stride up the fairway and get closer to the ball butterflies float around your stomach, your palms get sweaty and by the time you reach the ball you are filled with abject fear of the chip shot facing you. You dont know what club to use, how hard to hit it and are worried that you may not even make it on to the green just a few feet away. You play the shot and instead of a smooth stroke where the ball pops out of the centre of the club face, up into the air, lands on the green and rolls out to the hole, the hands tense just before the ball is hit, the club jerks and the mis-hit produces a shot that could go anywhere - across the green, sideways or a few inches in front of where it started.

Welcome to the chipping yips.

Follow these steps to forget them forever.

1. Use a low lofted golf club where possible. Putt the ball if you can. If you cant, use a 7 iron. Go as low as possible and swing the club like a putter. Even on a mis-strike, the flatter face of the golf club will get the ball rolling forward to some extent.
2. Swing with one hand. This should be the left hand for right handed golfers. Hold the club as loosely as possible and take a few practice swings next to the golf ball. Count the rhythm of the back and forward motion to keep the swing of the club like a pendulum. Let the weight of the club brush the grass and then let the ball get in the way of the golf club as it swings. Make absolutely no effort to hit the ball or add power. If the ball needs to travel further then let the club swing further instead of adding extra power to the shot. If this exercise is still a struggle, try closing the eyes so that you will not feel the urge to attack the ball.
3. Begin adding the second hand. Still swing with one hand but also hold the club gently with the index finger and thumb of the other hand. The other hand should just support the club in its swing and not add any power.
4. Hold the club with both hands as normal but focus on the rhythmic swing and hold the club very lightly.
5. Begin adding power.

Follow this sequence in your practice and rid yourself of the chipping yips for good.

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Using the wrists is one of the reasons why the yips develop in the chipping action. The pressure created by the shot causes the small muscles in the hands and forearms to tense uncontrollably and mis-hit the shot. Use the big muscles to control the movement instead.

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On the plus side, playing a shot such as this encourages commitment to the shot and doesnt allow negativity. On the minus side, this is a very difficult shot to play that depends on having a good lie. If this shot goes wrong it really goes wrong. Go with the percentages and work on rectifying the low running chip shot.

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Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is "doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result." The yips will not cure themselves and you will go insane as a result. Something needs to change - technique, practice, routine, mentality - make the change and work on it rather than hope for the best.