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Correct Golf Answer Get connected by keeping the hands in-line with the chest

The golf swing should be a circular action that uses the bigger parts of the body such as the shoulders, core and hips. Using only the smaller parts of the body such as the arms and wrists produces less power as the muscles are smaller and therefore, less club head speed is generated.

In a powerful golf swing, every part of the body is connected and works together to power the shot. Follow this exercise to connect your golf swing and swing with the shoulders and hips.

The goal during the golf swing is to keep the hands directly opposite the centre of the chest (sternum) for the duration of the swing. This retains the set up position of the upper body throughout the swing motion meaning that the arms never detach from the body.

1. Imagine the golf swing as a compass. Take a practice swing where the club is swung in the back swing to halfway or to the west point on the compass and then swing through to the east point (halfway through) after the ball. During this exercise do not hinge the wrists and make sure that the hands stay directly in front of the centre of the chest. You should feel that the shoulders and trunk are working to power the swing motion.

2. Next, swing a little higher to north west in the back swing and north east in the forward swing - approximately shoulder height with the club. Do not hinge the wrists and make sure that the hands are still kept directly in front of the chest during the motion which should feel tight and very wooden at this length of swing.

3. After a number of practice swings, begin to hinge the wrists at the end of the swing but be careful not to let the arms swing back any further when hinging the wrists.

You should now have a connected swing that is powered by the shoulders and trunk and where the arms stay out in front of the chest, controlling the golf club instead of detaching from the body.

This action is very consistent as the arms and upper body stay connected while the big muscles create the power.

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Shortening the back swing is an effective way of reducing excessive arm movement in the swing, however, it will not ensure that the arms do not power the swing. Effectively, you just end up with a shorter version of your normal swing.

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Slowing the swing down will improve rhythm and give you the time to control the arms during the swing. However, it will not stop you swinging too far in the back swing or change the fact that you are using your arms instead of your body. Slowing down aids a change but does not make a change.

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This is a good tip as a breakdown of the left arm reduces extra movement in the swing. This only reduces movement at the end of the back swing however. Therefore, there also needs to be a focus on using the body to control the arms during the rest of the golf swing to stop the arms only swing.