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Golf Question How Can I Start My Golf Down Swing Before I Finish My Back SwingThe transition between back swing and down swing is one aspect of the golf swing that helps delivers maximum power to the shot. It is this transition that delivers an increase of speed and energy towards the ball.

A common fault amongst golfers is to take a pause at the top of the swing which may lose its momentum. Some players like to pause at the top of their swings to allow thinking time or slow their tempo down to try and deliver an accurate transition towards the ball. This is not necessarily such a bad movement as it can help a player in controlling the swing path for straighter shots, but this also sacrifices a lot of power. The transition should be where the swing starts to speed up, creates more lag and energy into the ball. When a transition stops, slows down or changes the direction of the swing, it effectively cancels out the good rotation and positions the back swing has created.

Ideally, as the club reaches the top of the back swing, the body needs to prepare itself to lead on the down swing. This is one reason why the hips only rotate 45 degrees and the shoulders rotate 90 degrees. This 45 degree tension between the two helps to create energy throughout the bodys muscles.

From the top of the back swing, the hips will squat down then start to transfer weight from the right foot to the left foot and rotate towards the target as the club reaches the top of the swing. This movement of the hips helps to maintain the wrist hinge and even creates more lag that will unhinge through impact thus increasing the club head speed.

The transition is one of the most important aspects of the swing to help a player maintain or create control but also helps a player gain maximum distance through the movements and timing of their core rather than attempting to increase the speed through the arms.

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If the golf swing is made in two parts then the transition between the back swing and the down swing will be inconsistent but will also lose the power gathered during the back swing. The separation of the back swing and the down swing positions during the back swing is what creates power for the down swing.

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By keeping the weight on the left foot during the swing can cause a reverse pivot which can cause a steep angle of attack into the ball creating fat shots. The weight on the left side will also obstruct a good hip rotation during the down swing because there will be no room to turn around the left leg which can cause an out to in swing path.

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Strong set up fundamentals are vital for a solid golf swing but it is the movement of the player that allows for a strong transition at the top of the swing and using the correct areas of the body will implement this movement.