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Answer How Can I Spin My Bunker Shots More

Generating more spin when playing a bunker shot involves a combination of taking less sand whilst increasing club head speed.

On a standard bunker shot, golfers should look to enter the sand around two inches before the ball. The club should slide down into the sand lifting the ball away on a carpet of sand. This type of shot will cause a lot of sand to be moved and the ball to roll once it lands on the green, players need to take as little sand as possible and decrease the amount of sand between the ball and club face. To reduce the roll and increase the spin player can follow this technique.

  • First of all assess the lie because a clean lie will increase the chances of more spin. Pick a high lofted club such as a sand wedge or lob wedge.
  • Before taking a grip, open up the club face. Players want to open up the club so it points right of the target. This will help increase loft and overall spin.
  • Grip the club more firmly with the back two fingers of the top hand to help hold the club face open through impact.
  • Take a square stance with the ball slightly forward of center. With this square stance the club face will be aimed right of the target.
  • Move the left foot, hips and shoulders left (for right handed golfers) until the club face aims at the target.
  • To generate more backspin the club needs to skim underneath the ball and not dig into the sand. To help this happen, shuffle your feet a couple of inches under the surface and keep the weight evenly distributed.
  • Make a long, smooth swing along the body line, hinging the wrists upwards. On the down swing increase club head speed and try to enter the sand an inch behind the ball.
  • You should only take a divot the size of $1 bill. The divot should start an inch behind the ball and extend through and after. This skimming action with high club head speed will increase back spin.

Players trying to increase spin should not dig at the ball but follow the above technique as well as ensuring they have the correct equipment for the job.

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Because of the long swing involved, catching the ball first in a greenside bunker will send the shot a long way past the target. If the bunker shot is a long one then catching the ball first may become essential and will increase overall spin. But for greenside bunker shots skim the ball away on a fine carpet of sand.

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The greater the amount of sand between club face and ball, the less spin will be produced. This is because the club has no chance to impart any influence over the ball. In this circumstance the ball will land on the green and roll out without any spin.

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To help increase the amount of spin on bunker shots will require a softer ball. Producing a fantastic skimming bunker shot with a rock hard ball will not produce the desired results. Golfers looking to hit bunker shots with more back spin should use a multi-layer ball with a soft casing.