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Answer How Can I Improve My Long Irons

Long irons are often the hardest clubs to hit because of their lack of loft and unforgiving nature.

The first thing golfers need to ensure is that the irons they use are appropriate for their handicap.

There is very little point, for example, for a 36 handicapper to use a forged blade 3 iron with an x-stiff shaft. Golfers need as much forgiveness as possible to help them lift the ball into the air.

Having the correct set up is important to achieve consistent results with the long irons. Follow this guide to hit better long iron shots.

  • The ball should be placed forward of center in the stance, a few inches inside the left heel. This will help players achieve a slightly descending blow on the ball to increase back spin and control over the shot.
  • The feet hips and shoulders are set square to the ball-to-target line, presuming the golfer wishes to hit a straight shot. This will help players swing the club back on a consistent path. It’s difficult to hit long irons with a much closed stance, for example.
  • Rather than sweeping the ball away off the surface like a fairway wood, players should be bruising the ground just after the ball. This is difficult for many players because they fear hitting down on a long iron. Golfers need to remember that a descending swing, even with a low lofted club, will increase the amount of back spin imparted on the ball.
  • Players struggling with hitting long irons should also check their grip. Playing with a strong grip is very difficult because it will de-loft the long iron and make it difficult to lift into the air.

Although hitting long irons is difficult, players should focus on the basics and make sure they are using the correct equipment.

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Most golfers need help with hitting their long irons. Ensure you have the right equipment by speaking to a professional or club fitter. They will be able to gauge your swing speed and strength and suggest which clubs would be best for your game.

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Although hitting soaring long irons gives the golfer a great buzz, players should not be afraid of using hybrid clubs or high lofted fairway woods. Experiment with your equipment.

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Although hitting your natural shot shape is always the best option, some players are better fading the ball for more control. Fading the long iron will give more control and add a little loft helping the ball into the air.