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Golf Question: How Can I Improve My Golf Driving Accuracy?Having a focus on the tee of what you want to do with the ball will help when it comes to finding more fairways. There is no point standing up there making a swing and praying it doesnt find the trees, water hazards, bunkers or sails out of bounds.

You should be looking at the layout of the hole, deciding where you want the ball to finish and how it needs to fly to end up at your target. You would never drive in your car without a map of how to get there would you! Now pick a small target in the distance to focus on. With this process on the tee you will have a clear image of what youre trying to do with the ball and you will more likely produce the desired result. Even if you dont hit your exact target, your misses shouldnt be as destructive.

As much as having the correct thought process pre-shot, you need to develop a consistent and repetitive technique. To produce the desired shot and ball flight you need to have control of both the club face and club path. The club face mainly dictates the initial launch direction of the ball, and then the club path compared to the club face aim produces the golf balls curvature. If you are going through the correct pre-shot process but struggling to control the ball flight, then visit a golf instructor to help you with your game.

To improve your driving accuracy, try the following:

1. Pre-shot plan of the shot you intend to play to end up at your desired target
2. Develop a consistent and reliable technique
3. Visit a golf instructor to help you with your game

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Purchasing the latest driver on offer may aid in helping you find more fairways by being correctly fit to your swing to optimize launch conditions. But accuracy is more down to the player swinging with a consistent club face and club path to produce the desired flight on the ball to find the short stuff off the tee.

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Swinging as hard and as fast as you can by jumping out of your shoes will only lead to more inconsistency and a reduced driving accuracy. Swinging hard and fast may produce longer drivers when a centred contact on the club face is made, but more often than not, swinging out of control will lead to inconsistent strikes and as a result may spray your drives wildly around the golf course. As guide you should be swinging within yourself at 80-85% full speed.

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The sayings and cliché of ‘If you believe you will hit the fairway, you will hit the fairway is all good and well but if you have inconsistencies in your golf swing you will struggle to produce the desired results no matter how strong your mind is. There needs to be a blend of both the correct mental thoughts and a sound solid technique to find the fairways on a consistent basis.