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answer How Can I Hit More Greens In Regulation

There can be no doubt that hitting more greens in regulation is a sure fire way of lowering scores. Hitting a green in regulation gives a player the opportunity to drain a birdie putt or conservatively two-putt for a safe par. These two options are only available, however, if the green is found in regulation.

Players looking to improve these statistics should try to adopt a controlled swing length and a smooth consistent tempo. This will allow golfers to find the centre of the club more often and have more control over the ball.

Many players over swing which means the club shaft travels beyond parallel with the ground at the top of the swing (a classic over swing in the professional world would be the Wild Thing John Daley). An over swing can add power and distance but it will increase the likelihood of a wayward shot which is not what you need if aiming to increase the green in regulation statistics. Golfers struggling with an over swing can follow this technique.

  • Alignment should be straight down the ball-to-target line with posture as normal.
  • Lean the shaft towards the target so the hands are ahead of the ball opposite the left thigh with the iron shots. The butt end of the club should point at the belt buckle with the driver and fairway metals.
  • Swing the club away long and smooth until the back swing reaches three quarters in length with the club shaft not quite reaching parallel to the ground
  • Drive down and through the ball, at impact the hands should be ahead of the ball opposite the left thigh.
  • The follow through like the back swing should be three quarters in length. This swing length should help keep the ball more under control.

The best way to better control your rhythm is to mimic your favorite player. Watch Freddy Couples or Garry Woodland swing a club, notice their tempo and imagine yourself swinging in the same way. When hitting the ball, try to replicate this rhythm using the above technique.

Focus on your rhythm and swing length to increase the chances of hitting more greens in regulation.

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Because your swing is more controlled and your rhythm better there should be no reason to hit to the centre of every green. Use caution if a pin is tucked behind a deep bunker or close to a hazard but trust your technique and hit the shot.

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Although striking the ball hard will increase the amount of back spin produced leading to an increased amount of stopping power, the extra swing speed could cause inconsistency. Control the rhythm and focus on a solid strike instead.

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Whilst aiming for the centre of every green is not recommended neither is attacking every shot. Players also need to remember that hitting greens in regulation is not all about the approach shot, its also about the shot they hit off the tee. Hitting the fairway will increase the chance of hitting the green.