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Correct Golf Answer Use an altered full swing technique and make contact with the ball first

Hitting from fairway bunkers requires golfers to think clearly but also not to be stupid!

So many players attempt to hit shots from fairway bunkers with either the wrong technique or the wrong club. Most of the time problems are caused by players attempting miracle shots they cant possibly hope to hit. But sometimes the strike is great but the club selection is poor. Hitting a successful fairway bunker shot requires both of these things to be spot on. Use the following technique and thoughts to get distance from a fairway bunker.

  • Pick a club which you know will clear the lip of the bunker. Before anything else this must be thought through, which club will clear the lip and send the ball towards your target.
  • Grip the club tightly with the ring and little finger of the left hand to help prevent the club face rolling shut at impact.
  • Hold the club a little further down the grip to avoid hitting the sand before the ball. You need to hit the ball first to ensure good distance.
  • Take a firm and balanced stance with the feet slightly shuffled into the sand to avoid slipping during the swing.
  • Depending on the lie, play the ball from the same position as you would normally with the club selected. For added security the ball could be moved further back in the stance but players should take into account the lower ball flight which will be produced.
  • Swing the club away from the ball long and low and not with a fast wrist break as you would a greenside bunker shot.
  • Sweep through and nip the ball from the surface.
  • Picking the ball clean off the sand is important as any sand caught between the club and ball will dramatically reduce distance.

Hitting the ball a good distance out of a fairway bunker is a great skill to have but players must assess the situation correctly and alter their technique to match…..

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Players must ensure first of all they can clear the lip of the bunker. This must be the first priority. Dont risk smashing the ball into the bunker face with a clean strike; this will cause a lot of frustration!

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Ensuring a clean strike is paramount to hitting good shots from the bunker as any sand trapped between the club and ball will cause a massive loss in distance. Hitting the ball as hard as possible will not help ensure this clean strike but rather increase the chance of catching the sand first.

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Holding the club at the top of the handle will increase the overall speed a player can generate through impact. However, holding the club at the top of the handle can cause the club to bottom out too early during the down swing impacting the sand before the ball.