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Golf Question: How Can I Ensure I Am Hitting The Sweet Spot Of My Golf Driver?Developing a feel through feedback for what a centred contact feels like will give you an indication of what the sweet spot feels like. There are a few methods to provide some feedback to help develop feel.

The use of face tape is one method for centred contact. After a shot is struck, a ball print is left on the tape indicating the location of where the ball has been struck (the tape is stuck to the face of the driver).

Another method is to use a powdered spray. The face is sprayed to leave a light coating on the driver face. Just like the tape, after a ball is struck, a ball mark is left on the club face indicating the impact location. The spray is a better method as the tape reduces the lack of friction between the ball and the club face at impact and the ball flight is therefore affected.

Using a form of feedback will soon help you to develop what a well struck shot and also what off centred shots feel like. With this developed feel, you will know where the ball was struck when out on the golf course, and certainly know when that sweet spot was found.

Below are the statics to show how much percentage of distance is lost due to an uncentred strike with a driver.

¼ inch = 10% loss
½ inch = 20% loss
¾ inch = 20% loss

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A straight tee shot doesnt necessarily mean it was hit out of the centre of the club face. A ball could have made contact out of the toe, heel, top or bottom of the club face and still have flown straight down the middle of the fairway. Off centre impacts can add curve to the ball which can counteract any slices or hooks, for example, you might hit a straight shot produced by a toe strike which would have sliced if a centre contact was made.

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A ball starting very low and rising up would most likely be the product of a ball struck very low on the club face. Driver faces have less loft towards the bottom of the face as they are made with a bulge and roll. This bulge and roll actually helps aid ball flight, so that low strikes result in a lower launch, and put added spin to keep the ball in the air.

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Sometimes after a tee shot a line is left on the sole of your driver from your tee peg. This may give you an idea of location of strike horizontally from heel to toe but will not indicate if the ball impacted low or high on the club face.