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Golf Question: How Can I Develop A Low Maintenance Golf Swing?Golf is a hard enough sport without making the swing movements more complex than they really need to be. To create a consistent, low maintenance golf swing, you need a solid base in which to work from so make sure your set up fundamentals are as neutral as possible, starting with your grip and checking everything from width of stance to body and club face alignment.

Once these are in their best possible positions over the ball, you need to focus on what makes a good golf swing. You need to consider the movement of your body from your hip turn, to your shoulder turn to your wrist hinge and put this all together with good rhythm and speed through impact.

Starting with the body, your shoulders should turn approximately 90 degrees, but not forced with a straight left arm. This should bring your hip around 45 degrees. This 45 degree tolerance between your shoulders and hips is important for power and unloading the down swing so be careful not to overdo the hips especially. Power and consistency is created through good, strong core body movements combined with a gradually increasing swing speed on the down swing. Keeping the rhythm of this consistent will help lead to better ball striking.

Be sure to go on to the range and try these points, but first start back from your grip and work through your set up fundamentals.

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The majority of golfers fall into the trap of swinging too much with their arms and then using them to speed the swing up through impact. This is almost the opposite of what makes a good golf swing. Think of your arms being used for directional purposes and getting them up to a good top of the back swing point but working in conjunction with your shoulders and hips. These two areas rule the golf swing as they are the bigger muscles setting up the power in the swing but also moving on a good arc in relation to the ball.

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When a swing feels as though it is going wrong or shots arent being executed to the level in which a player would like, it is important to first of all check the fundamentals are correct. Sometimes it can be as simple as adjusting alignment, ball position or posture as opposed to delving deep into the swing mechanics for the illusive answer.

Many players initially aim right of target and over time their swing adapts to an out to in path in order to straighten up the shot, rather than at the start of the problem actually looking at the fundamentals and improving this area first.

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Half swings are a great way for feeling as though you have control of the ball especially in windy conditions or when trying to play from an obscure position on the course. However, the half swing invariably will reduce the swing speed and length thus causing less distance on shots. This will mean you will have to take extra clubs to hit into greens causing the shot difficulty level to increase.