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Answer How Can I Cure My Pull Slice Shot

The pull slice is an extremely frustrating and common ball flight suffered by many amateurs across the world.

There are many purported cures for this ball flight but only two are long lasting and technically sound ways forward; fixing swing path and club face angle at impact.

A pull slice is caused when the club cuts across the ball traveling on an out-to-in swing. This causes the initial left ball flight. The club face at impact must then be open to both this out-to-in swing path and the intended target. This cutting across the ball creates the side spin which curves the ball through the air.

Fixing Swing Path

Fixing swing path through the ball is not easy because of the speed the club travels at impact. Use this drill to help groove a more inside swing path.

  • To groove the inside swing path, place a line of tee-pegs or a small box just outside the ball at the driving range.
  • By hitting balls with the tee-pegs or box on the outside its easier to groove a more consistent inside swing path.
  • Players need to practice this drill avoiding contact with the tee-pegs or box. Any contact with either of these will show the swing path is from out to in.

Club Face Angle At Impact

Keeping the club face square at impact relies on a number of factors. Assuming the swing path is good, a reason the ball could curve through the air is a poor release of the club face through impact. Use this drill to help groove a better release.

  • Using a lofted iron like a 9 iron set up to the ball with a normal stance and posture aiming at a target.
  • Just before swinging withdraw the right foot, moving it back about one foot. As the right foot moves back let the body follow. This movement will cause you to aim 30-40 yards right of the target.
  • Because your alignment will be so far right you will be forced to over-release the club. This means the club face will rotate extremely quickly through the impact area. If successful rather than seeing a left to right ball flight, a big draw should be produced.
  • After impact the right forearm should rotate over the left. This is a key indicator of release.

The slice is something countless players have struggled with across the years, understanding the reasons behind the ball flight is necessary before practicing drills to find the cure.

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Although the through swing is the most important determining factor about where the ball will go players cant ignore the back swing. Sometimes when a players shoulder turn is incomplete the down swing can become hands and arms dominated, throwing the swing over the top. Completing a full shoulder turn can help create better conditions for the down swing.

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If you are struggling with a slice, especially with the driver, an offset of the driver head will help square the face at impact. An offset driver positions the club face slightly further back from the ball allowing a player more time to square the club face at impact. Using an offset driver can help players hit straighter drives.

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Never give up and if necessary get lessons!