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Golf Question How Can I Chip Better To A Two Tiered Golf GreenTwo tiered or McKenzie greens are a common feature on golf courses across the world and they can cause players a number of problems.

When chipping around these types of greens, golfers need to try and avoid pitching the ball into the slope if possible. This is because a ball pitched into the slope of a McKenzie will either stop very quickly (when hit into the slope) or skip on out of control (when pitched into the downslope).

Because of this, golfers need to pay particular attention to their preferred landing area. If a player is faced with a shot up a two tiered green (from bottom to top going up the slope), they would be better selecting a straighter faced club and attempt to get the ball running quickly. This will help avoid any chance of pitching into the slope. The same rule applies when hitting balls from top to bottom (going down the slope to the pin). Attempting to hit a high shot over a two tiered slope or down a two tiered slope will bring into play the chance of hitting the slope and the ball becoming uncontrollable. Players are better approaching both shots as long putts and rolling the ball for as long as possible.

When playing across the green either left to right or right to left, golfers should attempt to avoid the slope and not hit their shots into the tier. Even if this means playing slightly away from the hole, golfers will at least usually be able to have an uphill putt.

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Hitting the ball high and attempting to stop the ball quickly will bring the slope more into play. This should be avoided as a high soft shot hitting the slope will either stop very quickly or bound onward depending on which side of the slope it lands.

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Although the slope should be avoided if possible, simply blasting the ball across the green is unlikely to have to the desired result and could lead to the ball vanishing off the other side of the putting surface.

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Although a two tiered green should be treated with respect, there is no need to actively fear it if you think your shots through clearly.