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Answer How Can Deep Breathing Help My Golf

Nervousness, a wandering mind and tension are things that every golfer will experience during their life.

Taking deep breathes and in general managing your breathing when out on the course can help bring these problems under control. Taking deep breathes allows the body to suck in more oxygen and expel more Carbon Dioxide. This brings the heart rate down and helps clear the mind.

The best way to use deep breathing is to make it part of your pre-shot routine over any shot. Use this putting example when on the green.

  • Take five paces back from your ball on the green and crouch down low to bring your eyes down closer to the level of the grass and assess the slope.
  • Whilst doing this take three deep breathes in and out.
  • After assessing the lie of the land and figuring out which way the ball will turn during the putt take another deep breath and step into the side of the ball.
  • Step into the side of your ball take a few practice strokes. While doing this look at the hole.
  • Take a deep breath in during the backstroke and out during the through stroke.
  • Settle the putter behind the ball and take a moment to realize how relaxed and oxygenated you feel!
  • Roll that putt home.

This example from putting can be easily carried over into the full swing by deep breathing when picking out a target line or taking deep breathes when over the ball. Focus on your breathing to increase golf performance and control over your body and mind.

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Indeed deep breathing is highly encouraged in most eastern traditions involved with complex body movements such as Yoga stretches. It relaxes the body allowing for more control over stretching limbs and joints. People mocking deep breathing should realize that the golf swing is a complex arrangement of stretching limbs and rotating joints.

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The best way to open up the airways and control your deep breathing is to take in oxygen with the nose and expel through the mouth. This will in general keep the air flowing more naturally than just panting in and out through the mouth.

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Having to think about breathing may seem stupid as it’s something which occurs subconsciously. However, most people do take very shallow breaths, just enough to keep the body going. Although actively thinking about taking deep breathes will take a little effort, the results will be worthwhile and repaid with better golf.