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Golf Question: How Can A Drill Of Swinging A Club With My Feet Together Help Improve My Golf?The swinging a club with your feet together drill is possibly one of the most popular drills used by amateurs, but the reasoning behind it needs to be correct for it to work to its full potential. The feet together drill can help cure a number of ailments including balance, rhythm and timing.

A common fault amongst amateurs is lateral movement during the swing. This causes poor strikes and even affects the swing path to result in poorly directed shots. Practising with the feet together will help stop any lateral movement because once lateral movement happens, the player will lose balance and fall through impact. As the player starts to figure out the correct amount of lateral movement, the swings timing will start to improve and the process of putting the feet back to a correct width will become much easier.

Be sure that when practising this swing, you only do so at approximately 75% effort as regardless of how good your weight transfer becomes your momentum will probably send you tumbling.

The feet together drill is a fantastic method of improving chipping also, even though the chipping stance requires a narrow one anyway. It can help with improving the clubs angle of attack into the ball and most importantly the striking of the ball, helping the player avoid any fat or thin strikes.

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Hitting balls with your feet together will most certainly not help a player increase their swing speed. It would be rather comical to watch as the player will spend a lot of time falling over quite dramatically as they put all their body weight, and speed through the ball at impact and have no stability afterwards.

Use this drill to build your rhythm and with this you can then start to add velocity to your swing but using the correct areas of your body such as hips and wrists rather than just raw arm speed!

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You will be surprised at the amount of really nice shots you can hit with your feet together as your timing, rhythm and balance will improve dramatically creating some lovely, crisp iron shots. However, this would not really be a drill for trying to change your swing path in a way that adapts your ball flights trajectory or shape.

When trying to hit a draw, you need to create room on the inside for the down swing and this is benefitted by a wider stance and the hip turns initiating the top of swing transition but the narrow stance drill does not really give us this option.

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The narrow stance drill will help a golfer improve his balance, timing and rhythm and it is probably the best drill for all these three aspects which play a huge role on the golf course. If you have the dreaded shanks and you try this drill, it will not make any difference. If anything the drill will only compound your current swing issues by giving you less room to hit the ball towards the toe end instead. The shanks often require a swing path adjustment and this should be performed under the correct supervision.