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Correct Golf Answer Yes using the correct technique

Playing a bump and run in firm and fast conditions is not impossible and can reap great rewards if executed correctly.

The key to playing the bump and run successfully in these conditions is to not dig into the ground. This could cause the club to bounce and the ball to come out of impact with unpredictable spin. Use the following technique when the ground is firm and the greens are fast.

  • Take hold of the grip a little further down the handle for more control over the ball.
  • Set the club face square to the ball-to-target line if the chip is straight (if the shot will turn on the green then aim accordingly).
  • During the pre-shot routine it’s important to envisage where the ball will land and where it will roll to.
  • Take a narrow stance with the ball positioned back of centre and set the feet slightly open to the target.
  • This opening of the feet and hips pre-sets the lower body for impact; the shoulders should still be parallel to the target line.
  • The hands should be leaning the shaft forward of the ball, opposite the left thigh. This is important as it will help ensure a slightly descending strike, hitting the ball first. About 60% of body weight should be on the left side.
  • Swing the club away and try to keep wrist movement to a minimum. Make it an arms and shoulders driven stroke
  • Keep your swing the same length back and through with the weight maintained on the front foot.
  • The feeling through impact should be of clipping the ball away and bruising the ground after the ball.
  • Using this technique, the ball should pop up and roll out with a consistent amount of spin.

Although not easy, the bump and run can be used in fast, firm conditions to good effect.

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If the lie is good then a high, soft shot in firm conditions certainly has its place. However, when the ground is firm, using a lofted wedge always brings in the possibility of bouncing the club and blading the ball across the green.

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When the ground is firm and fast you often see golfers reach for the putter around the green. This Texas Wedge approach can often feel safer but won’t give the same options as using a bump and run will, for example, lifting the ball over a scraggy piece of land and landing it on the putting surface.

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This will probably be the last call for many amateurs because of its complexity from firm conditions. It will be a safer option to practice the bump and run.