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Golf Question Can I Chip A Ball From A BunkerAlthough the easiest way to hit a bunker shot is a standard splash technique, golfers should realise the amount of variety open to them around the green.

There are no rules in what shot you can choose to play in any given situation although some shots will be easier to execute than others. Playing a chip from a bunker is possible but certain conditions will have to be present for the shot to be successful.

For example, if the bunker lip is very high in front of the ball then playing a successful chip would be unlikely. Also if the ball is slightly buried or sat down in a depression below the level of the sand, the strike could be highly inconsistent. Deep or soft and fluffy sand is also difficult to hit chip shots from so golfers need to assess the situation fully before committing to a chip shot. Use the following technique and thought process when hitting a chip shot from the sand.

Chipping from the sand

First, check the conditions. The easiest conditions to play a chip shot from the sand involve either a very bare lie (no sand) or very wet sand. In both these situations the ball will sit more on top of the sand making it easier to make contact with the back of the ball.
How high is the lip? A standard chip shot will fly lower than a splash bunker shot and therefore a high lip will stop the ball from getting up, over and out of the bunker.

  • Select a club with enough loft which will clear the lip of the bunker if struck correctly.
  • Hold the club down the grip almost near the shaft as this will allow the club not to dig into the sand.
  • The club face should be square to the target line and the shoulders parallel to this line.
  • Even though you are in the bunker, the feet and hips should be slightly open to the target line as usual. The only difference should be a slight shuffle of the feet into the sand.
  • The ball should be positioned just back of center in the stance to try and ensure a downward strike.
  • Place 60% body weight on the front foot and place the hands opposite the front thigh.
  • Power the swing with the shoulders going back and allow the wrists to hinge during the back swing.

  • Strike down on to the ball through impact and maintain the swing speed. Slowing the acceleration or trying to lift the ball into the air would end in disaster.
  • The ball should be contacted first before the sand.
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    In reality most players will be better suited at hitting a splash bunker shot with a sand wedge for the most consistent results, hitting a chip will be more inconsistent.

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    In reality there are a number of different options when you find yourself in a bunker. Most of the options will be partly dictated by how the ball is lying in the sand. A buried lie will call for a blast shot rather than a chip or a splash technique.

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    Wherever you are and whatever situation you find yourself in, you can play any shot you like. The rules only prohibit certain aspects of grounding the club and obviously you cant play a shot youve hit out of bounds. Although you can successfully play a shot from the bunker, golfers should learn and groove a variety of techniques for the most consistent results.