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Golf Question: Can Altering My Swing Path Help To Start My Golf Shots Online?The direction and curvature of a ball through the air is caused by a combination of club path and club face angle at the point of impact. 85% of the influence of the balls starting line comes from the club face direction, however, the curvature on the ball will be due to the relationship between the club face and the swing path.

With a good grip and a club face starting at the target, it is still possible to wildly miss your intended target. To hit a perfectly straight shot the club path must be straight into the ball with the club face pointing at the target at impact, however this is probably the hardest shot in golf.

Most players will have an in to out or out to in swing path. A draw comes from an in to out swing path which is when the club travels to the right of the target and the club face is closed to the path but pointing right of the target. A fade comes from an out to in swing path with the club face pointing right of the path but left of the target. A slice and hook happen when the path into the ball is too exaggerated with the club face closed or open to both path and target.

This area can be an extremely difficult aspect of the game to figure out because the way the swing works is counter intuitive to where the ball is going and can cause many problems. Professional advice and help on swing paths and shot shapes is vital for progression.

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There are many aspects of the golf swing which determine the outcome of the golf ball in relation to its target. The basic golf fundamentals are an important aspect of the game whether you are a tour pro or beginner.

The grip connects the player to the golf club, therefore it will have an impact on shot direction but any potential problems with the grip need to be identified so it can be adjusted. A good grip will have one to two knuckles visible on both hands with the club sitting in the fingers not the palms. If the grip seems correct, consider changing another part of your set up or swing.

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Club face aim at impact has a huge influence on the balls direction. 85% of the time it will determine where the ball will start, however, it takes two areas of the swing to send that ball to the eventual target one important area is the swing path. If the swing path is too much from the inside to out it will create a lot of right to left shaped shots providing the club face is pointing at the target. The most common shot is the club face pointing at the target or just right of it with an out to in swing path creating a sliced shot shape or even the push slice.

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Many golfers look at how their ball shapes and where it finishes in relation to the target and immediately blame their alignment. If you see the ball slice right then surely aiming left will help put the ball back on target. Unfortunately this is not the case.

How many times have you done this and then it actually slices more?
Aiming further against your bad shot will only make the shape worse therefore causing a further loss of distance. If a poor shot shape is responsible for missing fairways and greens then you should work on matching the swing path to the club face and to the target.