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Golf Question Can A Stronger Golf Grip Improve My SliceSlicing the ball is one of the most frustrating and common faults amongst amateur golfers. Time after time, players see the ball start near the target line but the arc and swerve away finishes well off target and usually in trouble.

There are many different swing faults that can cause a slice to occur but players can help reduce the amount of curve through the air by adopting a strong grip.

A slice shot is caused when the club travels from an out-to-in swing path with the club face open to that path and the target. For a right handed golfer, this sees the ball start to the left of the target before swerving right and finishing well right of the target. This swerving through the ball is created by clockwise spin imparted by the open club face at impact.

Changing the grip to a strong position can help ensure that the club face does not open to the path and target through impact. However, a strong grip with an out-to-in path will at best result in a fade, at worst a duck hook. Changing the grip alone will not cure a slice but it could help limit the problem.

A neutral grip sees the right thumb sit on top of the left with the V created by the right thumb and forefinger pointing towards the right shoulder. When viewed from face on, only one and a half knuckles should be visible. This is a neutral position with the right hand. The left hand V should also point towards the right shoulder with two and a half knuckles showing.

If the hand slips more underneath and the left hand more on top of the club then the Vs created by the thumbs and forefinger will point below the right shoulder putting the grip in a strong position. This grip will cause the club to rotate more quickly through impact, closing the face and not allowing the ball to curve as far right.

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Although part of the reason why golfers slice the ball is an out-to-in swing path, the club face is another key reason for the ball to move through the air like it does. For immediate effect, change the grip.

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Unfortunately, golf is rarely that simple and the slice can only be truly banished by changing both the grip and path.

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If the swing path remains out-to-in then keeping the club face square to the target will only result in a ball flight which moves from left to right. When trying to correct a slice, a stronger grip might be an easy quick fix for many players.