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Golf Question: Are There Any Drivers That Can Improve My Sliced Golf Shots?A sliced golf shot is a ball that starts right of target and curves even further to the right for a right handed golfer. The average amateur golfer tends to see this shot an awful lot.

Nowadays with the advancements in technology, nearly every manufacturer has a driver with adjustable settings, allowing you to adjust the loft and face angle of the driver head.

A slice is caused because your drivers club face is open to the target and you have an out to in swing path in relation to the driver face. The bigger the gap between where the club face is aiming at impact and your swing path, the bigger the slice will be. As nothing but yourself can help improve your swing path, this is solely down to you the golfer, so it is recommended that you go and have a lesson with your golf professional regarding this.

However, with drivers now having adjustable heads you will be able to change face angle settings to help accommodate your swing path. You can do this by adjusting the driver head so that it aims more left. This will help your slice as the golf ball starts very close to where the club face is pointing, and if the driver head points further left, the ball will tend to start closer to the target line. Therefore, the club face will be closer in matching the swing path and will not put as much slice on the ball.

If you want help in hitting a golf ball with less slice without having golf lessons, there are drivers out there that can help minimize this curvature.

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Years ago all drivers had fixed golf heads, but as technology has advanced nearly every golf club manufacturer has at least one driver where the club head is adjustable. This adjustable head can be moved to help you to improve your slice.

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This is not the case as to hit a draw the club path will have to be in to out in relation to the club face. To be able to hit a draw, the club face will have to point slightly right of target. To start hitting a draw you will have to work on changing your club path, a driver cannot help you with this.

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You will find that if you tend to slice the ball, then the slice is usually made worse with the driver. This is not because the driver makes you hit a slice but because of your technique and your swing speed will be faster as the driver is longer, which therefore exaggerates any curvature on the golf ball.