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Do Professional Golfers Have A Preference On The Way A Golf Putt BreaksWhen it comes to putting, the type of putt you face can often determine how confident you are about knocking it in the hole, and professionals are exactly the same.

Although there is no real evidence to support this, a high percentage of right handed professionals if they had to choose a breaking putt would probably say they would prefer to have a putt that is a little uphill with a break from right to left. Left handed professionals would probably say an uphill left to right putt.

The uphill side of the equation is fairly easy to understand, as with every approach shot they hit they are looking to leave the ball below the hole. This is because with an uphill putt they dont have to worry about the speed too much as if they miss the ball, it will not be rolling too far past the hole.

As for the break of the putt, for the majority of right handed players, the right to left break suits the eye better. Normally, this is because they are right side dominant, but if you look at the fact that golf is a game played from side on, you will find it more comfortable to see the line on a right to left break. Also this will fit with the natural arc of the putting stroke too.

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Although when youre a tour player you need to be fairly comfortable with whatever putt you face, if you felt more comfortable with a particular one then they will look to hit their approach shot in an area that leaves them this putt. One thing that professionals are exceptional at is controlling their approach shots to leave them as many of their favorite putts as possible.

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For the majority of left handed players, the natural arc of their putting stroke will suit a left to right putt. Not only that but because they will mainly be left side dominant, this type of break will suit their eye better than a putt that breaks from right to left.

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If a professional could go through their career and avoid a particular putt it would be a downhill one, due to the extra care and difficulty in controlling the speed of this putt. In the main, the green speed on tour is much faster than the greens you will be putting on at the golf club.