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Can I Change All Of My Golf Irons To Hybrids To Create A Hybrid Iron SetNowadays, golf club manufacturers offer a wide range of equipment to suit every individuals needs. Within the sport of golf and those who play it, there are complete beginners, those who have been playing for years, high handicappers, low handicappers, those who play for the enjoyment they get from hitting great shots and those who play for a living and to win. With such a variety of skill levels participating within the sport, there needs to be variety in the equipment available to players, so that they can achieve their goal from playing.

Hybrid golf clubs were developed to make it easier for golfers to strike successful, long golf shots more frequently when they used that particular club. Long irons were very difficult for beginners, or high handicappers to use. Only players with a high skill level got any benefit from using a long iron due to the small club head but long shaft length that it has. It requires a high level of ability and technique to swing correctly and deliver such as small club head back to the golf ball at high speed and strike the ball from the centre, or the sweet spot, to produce a successful golf shot. However, at this level of skill, players chose long irons as they are easy to shape deliberately and highly skilled players need to be able to hit different shot shapes in order to get around the golf course in the fewest shots possible.

The majority of players participating in the sport of golf do not have this high skill level. The majority of players play for enjoyment and because they love hitting great golf shots from the middle of the golf club. So hybrids were developed to give players an option of selecting an easier club to use to produce a great golf shot. Hybrids hit the ball straight, high and long due to their larger club head and the weight positioning within this and this makes them extremely forgiving and a great choice for beginners or players who enjoy hitting great shots, but struggle to repeat this frequently.

If you enjoy hitting great golf shots and play for this reason, but have only just started, do not play regularly, or simply struggle to master the technique that is required to achieve a repetitive, successful and enjoyable golf swing, then why not consider changing your clubs to a full set of hybrids, which will make the game much easier and increase your enjoyment level.

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Hybrids originally were designed to replace long irons as the majority of golfers struggled to hit shots with a 3 iron well. However, the ease of playing great shots regularly well with hybrids made them very popular and manufacturers began producing every loft option in a hybrid alternative.

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Nowadays, you can buy a full set of hybrid irons to make playing golf much easier and to allow the golfer more enjoyment of the game. Manufacturers have embraced the technology that is available to them to give players more pleasure from hitting more great golf shots. Rather than struggling to play with irons, swap them for a set of easier to hit hybrids.

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Originally when you bought a set of golf clubs, you bought a driver, 3 wood, 5 wood and then 3 iron to sand iron with a putter. This was the set of clubs that you had to play golf with. Nowadays, you do not have to buy sets, but you have the option to buy individual golf clubs, so you can tailor your set to you as an individual, without having to purchase clubs you will never use. If you want a full set of hybrids to make playing much easier, you can now do this.