putt one third

In theory, the shorter the golf putt, the easier it is to make. Then why do so many golfers dread 3- to 5-footers?

For starters, it’s about expectations. Golfers believe they should make every putt in this range, so every miss is magnified. What’s more, golfers put extra pressure on themselves when standing over short putts – making a miss all the more likely.

Of course, all small putts are not created equal. While many have little if any left or right break, a sidehill putt from close range is difficult for anyone (pros included). Moreso than on longer putts, the golfer must decide precisely how much break to play and how hard to hit the ball.

Here are a couple of ways to take the fear and loathing out of short putts:

putt two third

• Focus on the process, not the result: Don’t fret over the consequences of missing. Instead, concentrate on using the same routine for every putt, short or long. Develop a simple, step-by-step sequence and follow it to the letter.

• Be aggressive: A decelerating stroke causes most short misses. Practice taking a short backstroke and slightly longer follow-through to ensure the putter accelerates through impact.

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