ryder cup The Need To Putt Under Pressure

Both teams can get the ball from tee to green about the same. It will be the team that putts the best will be the winning team. Here is some tip’s to help you putt better under pressure:

  • Have a good routine and stay with it to putt well under pressure.
  • Tireless dedication to practiceing will help train muscle memory to help your stroke hold up under pressure.
  • To be a consistent putter under pressure you should keep your head still.
  • For most golfers a wristy putting stroke has too many moving parts to hold up under pressure. Wrist movement reduces distance control and direction of the putter head during the stroke causing many missed short putts under pressure. Try to develop more of a big muscle pendulum stroke, and that will hold much better under pressure.
  • Select a putter that looks good to your eye. This will help give you the confidence to handle the pressure of putting.
  • Select a custom putter the fit’s you so that you will be relaxed with no tension before you stroke your putt.
  • There are is ad least 3 different putter styles to choose from, traditional, mid-length belly, and long putters. Select the putter style that gives you the most confidence and helps you to relax under pressure.