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part 3 putting 1

The relatively short distance from ball to hole makes lining up putts seem like a simple task. But trying to roll a ball that’s 1.68 inches around into a 4 ¼-inch cup means the margin for error is slim.

On a straight putt (one with no left or right break), the putter face should be aligned directly with the hole. On a breaking putt, you must line up with the high point of the break; in other words, the spot where you believe the ball will begin curving toward the cup.

Once you’ve determined if and how a putt will move, the alignment process is the same for a straight or breaking putt:part 3 putting 2

  • Crouching down, point the ball’s logo or alignment aid at the target.
  • Assume your stance, placing the putter behind the ball so that the face is perpendicular to the ball’s alignment aid. You are now lined up correctly and ready to stroke the putt. 

All putters made by Thomas Golf (www.thomasgolf.com) feature a built-in alignment guide to ensure you get this critical step right every time.

For more information on Thomas Golf Putters:

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