mid length belly putter

Mid-length or belly putters have saved many a golfer’s game. The club’s distinguishing trait is the long shaft that reaches and is anchored into the player’s belly area, providing stability and enabling a pure, pendulum-style stroke. 

Belly putters minimize the chances of pushing or pulling putts with. And unlike a long putter, the belly putter is gripped the same way as a conventional-length putter. The combination of standard grip and anchored shaft promotes a steady, accurate stroke. The mid-length putter is becoming a mainstay on the Champions Tour and PGA Tour. 

When you consider belly putters for sale, make sure it’s custom-made to fit your personal body type.


Fitting Instructions for Custom Mid-Length Belly Putters

With the aid of an assistant, the golfer needs:

– Current putter

– Coin

– Tape measure

1. Golfer addresses coin with his normal putting stance and grip.

2. While golfer holds this position, assistant measures distance from golfer's belly button to center of coin.

Always take measurement several times before ordering.

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