How to Improve Your Putting Stroke
    The putting stroke has mechanical elements and mental elements. Many feel as though putting is a less athletic motion than the golf swing and can be taught easily to almost anyone and in some ways this is true.

    Almost anyone can use a flat putter face to make a ball move towards a hole. However, as in any athletic endeavor, someone who plays sports already should be more successful at making putts because athletes are adept at directing themselves and their equipment towards a target.

    A few ways on How to Improve Your Stroke like an athlete are: Make an effort to use your eyes and your brain to make your putting more effective. Your eyes help you judge distance. Your brain can hold an image of the distance your eyes have determined. Anyone who drives uses their eyes to determine when to hit the accelerator and when to use the brake. A driver’s experience and memories help calculate how much he or she needs to accelerate or brake. Distance and speed while putting can be regulated in much the same way.

    a. Use drills to build confidence. Memories are powerful tools when it comes to the mental game. Build positive memories by setting realistic goals. Give yourself an easy goal to start with then gradually make the goals tougher. Each goal you reach is positive reinforcement for your putting. Try making 5 or 10 three-footers in a row, then 20, 30 etc. Get into a rhythm, hear and see the ball going into the hole and feel the motion. Create positive memories that you can use while putting during a round.

    b. Take a picture with your brain. Since many times you are not able to see the hole while you are putting, taking a picture with your brain can enable you to feel like you are looking at both the ball and the hole at the same time. At the very end of your pre-shot routine look at the hole one last time and snap a picture. Concentrate on that picture in your mind as you stroke the ball.

    c. Discover your internal tempo. Are you a fast-paced person living in a fast-paced world? If so, then you’re putting stroke should be faster and shorter. Are you laid back and walk slowly? Your putting stroke should be longer and slower. An easy way to find your internal tempo is to use a metronome or metronome app on your phone. Beginning with a fast speed (100 beats per minute or more) and swing your putter back and through with the beat. If this tempos feels fast then start bumping the bpm down in increments of 5.

    Keep decreasing the bpm until you feel the tempo is a little too slow and then go back the other way adding 1 or 2 bpm each time.

    When you find your perfect tempo then take ten short strokes in a row and ten long
    strokes in a row while keeping same tempo. The longer strokes seem faster and the shorter ones slower.

    Use these concepts and drills to improve your putting stroke. You don’t always have to work on the mechanics of putting to get better. Use resources that work for you every day and apply them to your putting stroke so that you can make more putts on the golf course.