The WILSON STAFF INFINITE GRANT PARK falls into the category of midsize mallet putters and it retails for a mere $100. The key technology incorporated into its built is represented by a specially designed weight in the head and the grip, which promotes a more stable stroke. The main characteristics of the WILSON STAFF INFINITE GRANT PARK are due to its somewhat heavy head and grip (compared to the standard putters, nota bene) which helps with moving the balance point closer to your hands, thus increasing the MOI (moment of inertia) of the entire driver/club. The result is consistency, as using this putter will provide you with dependable and repeatable strokes, round after round. The WILSON STAFF INFINITE GRANT PARK putter is extremely reliable from any distance and it feels supremely balanced through the ball and in the hands. Its very attractive feel and shape helps with building confidence levels, hence it will totally erase guesswork out of your game (read stroke).

    In terms of feel, the Infinite Grant Park putter will provide more than enough feedback to let you know how you did, however, sometimes the toe strikes feel almost identical to center hits. The overall feel is blade-like and this putter will surely help you to achieve a more stable, smoother stroke, for improved repeatability. In terms of design, the WILSON STAFF INFINITE GRANT PARK looks unassuming and simple, leaving the panache to others, and it's also more compact than regular putters in its category, being ideal for players who prefer a petite mallet (smaller than the average I mean). Bottom line, even if this putter looks understated, it's a great piece of golf gear, reasonably priced and easy to recommend to anyone.