Ping TR 1966 Putter Series Review
    © Ping Golf

    The Ping TR 1966 Putter Series are built as a homage, marking 50 years since the birth of the iconic Anser putter. In the new Ping TR 1966 Putter Series, the company included 2 TR 1966 putter models, as a celebration of some sort, and these two were designed and built using the latest 3D printing technologies. Just to make an idea about Ping's R&D team proficency, the company used 3D scans of the original-50 years old Anser/Anser 2 putters, which were designed personally by Ping's founder (Karsten Solheim), making sure that the 2 new models will look as similar as possible to the original versions, which are famous for scoring the most victories in golf history. Ping's current CEO and Chairman, mr. John Solheim, actually helped his father to build the original Anser putter in their garage in Arizona. He explains the ground-breaking design of the Anser Karsten putter as being pure genius, because of how different it was and how well performed, compared to other putters on the market back in the day.

    The Anser design changed the putter industry forever, and the latest Ping TR 1966 Putter Series follow into that path, adding to an already classic and proved design the latest bells and whistles, i.e. the modern putter technology, combined with the timeless Anser shapes. Needless to say, the Ping TR 1966 Putter Series features Ping's proven True Roll face technology, and they boast the already legendary grooved/precision milled design of the face, offering unparalleled ball speed and consistency, regardless where the ball hits the face insert. All these brand new technologies work in tandem with great looks and perfect engineering, being the key to reducing three-puts and holing out. The TR 1966 Anser comes with the iconic sound slot located in the sole and the manganese PVD finish (bronze), while the TR 1966 Anser 2 features a stainless steel blast finish, with the signature single white alignment line, located on the flange.