Nike Method Converge S2-12 Putter Review

    The Nike Method Converge S2-12 Putter retails for $170 (MSRP) and it boasts its striking red/black color scheme that definitely grabs attention on the golf course, together with Nike's proprietary/patented RZN technology. The RZN thing is basically a resin polymer, forming a layer strategically placed between the body of the putter (made from stainless steel 304). This clever design dramatically increases the forgiveness of the putter by allowing some form of active management, as Nike's marketing department puts it, resulting in a ten percent tighter dispersion pattern. The same RZN resin polymer is found in the groove insert, which is actually Tour proven, and it works by softening the feel upon ball impacting the face, thus promoting an aggressive-faster forward roll. Also, the striking red pattern of the RZN insert works as an alignment aid, which helps with assisting you when it comes to lining up the putter optimally at address.

    The Nike Method Converge S2-12 Putter is built and designed for supreme stability, being suited especially for golf players with a square path in regards to their stroke. Another interesting feature of the Nike Method Converge S2-12 Putter is that, depending on the length of the shaft used, the weight of the head changes. Also, the weight in the head is positioned strategically towards the perimeter (you'll notice the sole weights) for increasing the stability during your stroke. However, despite the fact that the weights are fixed in the standard version, you can order it using the Custom process and get fitted properly, i.e. the weights can be adjusted before shipping.