Callaway Odyssey O-WORKS RED 2-BALL FANG PUTTER Review
©Callaway Golf

The Callaway Odyssey O-Works Red 2-Ball Fang Putter retails for $199 (MSRP) and it boasts a mallet design featuring perimeter weighted fangs, all packed in a clean, classic and minimalist Tour inspired Red finish and obviously, the company’s patented Microhinge Face Insert technology, which provides this putter with unmatched feel and roll, despite its uncanny alignment. The Callaway Odyssey O-Works Red 2-Ball Fang was cleverly designed to add more consistency and stability in your stroke, which translates into better accuracy control and more distance, while the heavier shaft and head will help you with reducing tension in your hands, thus allowing a more free flowing/better stroke. The brand new Microhinge Face Insert, Callaway/Odyssey’s patented technology is also here and it will definitely going to help you if you want to putt like a professional golfer.

This innovative technology works by reacting at ball impact via its tiny hinges that bounce off the very soft Thermoplastic Feel Layer, with the end result being lifting the ball and producing an amazing roll across the putter’s entire face, for amazing accuracy and distance. The Odyssey O-Works Red 2-Ball Fang boasts a heel toe weighted blade design, which makes for a tour proven shape all golfers know and love. Bottom line, the O-Works Red 2-Ball Fang is a proud member of Odyssey’s incredible line of new putters, offering solid feel on all length putts, and featuring an easy alignment system and a slant neck that just works, making for a true confidence booster and a nice piece of golf equipment which should definitely be on your short list.