Ed Dougherty

    Ed Dougherty

    Height: 6 ft 1 in

    Born: November 4, 1947

    Year Turned Pro: 1969

    Birthplace: Chester, Pennsylvania

    Ed Dougherty didn’t pick up a golf club until he was 19 years old. While many top players groom their games at American universities and colleges, Ed Dougherty found himself in Southeast Asia, a Vietnam draftee, when high school drew to a close. After coming home from Vietnam, Dougherty was stationed in Ft. Lewis, Washington where he honed his game with officers.

    While Dougherty, known as “Doc”, had only a single victory on the PGA Tour (1995 Deposit Guaranty Classic), he was a consistent performer. He recorded 19 top tens during his PGA career and made more than one million dollars.

    Dougherty was re-born on the Senior (now Nationwide) Tour. His success there dwarfed the career he had on the PGA Tour and is a testament to the incredible growth of the game of golf over the past half century.

    Ed began playing the Senior Tour in 1998. Three years later he’d have his career year in golf recording 10 top ten finishes. In all, Dougherty has made more than $6 million after turning 50 years old.

    Off the course, Dougherty is known for his huge collection of model railroad cars some of which date back to 1900. Dougherty’s collection is so large that he houses them in a separate building. Dougherty also collects and restores vintage pinball machines.

    Dougherty retired from professional golf in 2008.