Wilson Staff C100 Irons Review

    The Wilson Staff C100 fall into the category of game improving irons and they retail for only $599 in the steel version and $699 for the graphite one. Since they’re relatively affordable in terms of price, they’re aimed/designed to fit a wide range of golf players and for achieving that, Wilson enriched them with plenty of features. The C100 irons will provide you with lots of distance, top notch performance and in the same time they’re quite good looking for game improvement golf-gear. Being geared towards what Wilson Staff denominates as  C-Players, these babies are designed/engineered for providing an interesting blend of performance, distance and forgiveness, thus they’re probably going to be found in the golf bags of more players than your average game improvement iron. I can definitely say that the C100 irons are perfect for golfers ranging from 20+ handicaps and better. And that means “wide range”, right?

    Starting with the looks, this is the Achilles’ heel when it comes to game improvement irons.  They must have the perfect size, not too big nor too small, not boring yet nor too flashy. That’s a pretty hard design job when it comes to golf gear, but the Wilson Staff C100 is a perfect blend between the aforementioned features, walking the thin red line between extremes. The dark finish on these irons makes them to look slimmer than they really are and the two tone face helps them to appear way shorter from heel to toe.  Looks aside, the C100 feels firm, even stiff at ball impact, but without being neither hard nor harsh; their sound and feel manages to provide you with decent feedback for a game improvement iron and it lets you know about the quality of your strike. Also, the C100 irons are well balanced between performance and forgiveness. In conclusion, the Wilson Staff C100 irons are excellent for mid-handicappers or better players who prefer a more forgiving set of irons over a small look at address. They look awesome in your golf bag and on the course and they offer plenty of feedback and forgiveness for the 15-20 handicap.