TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons Review
    © Taylormade Golf

    The SpeedBlade courtesy of TaylorMade are falling into the category of game improvement irons and they retail for $799 the steel version and $899 for the graphite one. What seems to be the main attribute of these babies is that they’re really easy to hit and they provide you with a respectable distance, as the ball flies a really long way and lands pretty softly. What TaylorMade tried to achieve (and succeeded) with the SpeedBlade irons was a higher launch trajectory, more ball speed and increased distance. All these benefits are derived directly from the Speed Pocket Technology, which is TaylorMade’s signature basically, and also due to the fact that these are the widest and longest irons featuring the respective technology (at least at the moment of their launching).

    In terms of design, the SpeedBlade irons are nice and good looking, with an overall size/shape which boosts confidence at a first glance. And that’s a great thing in my book, I mean having a true looker inside my golf bag. It makes you want to go out and play just for the heck of it! But looks aside, the SpeedBlade is basically a good looking game improving iron, packed with state of the art technology. Despite of being cast (not forged), these babies deliver a sweet sound upon ball impact and a very satisfying feel/feedback. In terms of performance, these irons are what you’re looking for if you care about distance. This trait comes as no surprise, because the SpeedBlade irons are long but also really special. They go farther than other long irons and they also hold greens much better than their competition. And finally, I must admit: despite their awesome speed and distance, these irons from TaylorMade have a great characteristic: they are truly forgiving, I mean you can hit the ball basically anywhere, as long as it’s on the grey area on the face; the result will be at least decent! Bottom line, what’s not to love about these beautiful, long, sleek irons which offer long shots that land easy as a feather and in the same time they’re damn’ forgiving? Just give these babies a chance and you’ll become a TaylorMade convert in no time, believe me folks!