Srixon Z 965 Golf Irons Review
    © Srixon Golf

    The Srixon Z 965 irons are retailing for $824-$1099,99 (MSRP) and they are aimed at the most demanding golf players seeking for the ultimate performance in a compact muscle-back blade design. These irons are the ideal blend of function and beauty, featuring the company’s latest and greatest technologies, making for brilliant pieces of golf gear which should be found in any golfer’s paraphernalia. To describe these babies in just a few words I’d say that they represent the nec plus ultra of traditional blade design, as everything about them screams class and elegance, boasting their compact head shape, a thin sole/top line and a very minimalistic offset.

    The back of the club follows the same design principle, featuring a chrome polished surface and minimal branding, together with a few discrete geometric contours. Considering the price tag, the Srixon Z 965 are arguably the best designed muscle back irons on the market today. In terms of feel, the hugely used word “buttery” really gives them justice, as the Srixon Z 965 irons cut through the turf like a samurai sword cuts through a piece of apple pie. The company implemented their state of the art Tour V.T. sole, which dramatically improves efficiency and reduces impact resistance, offering the player unparalleled levels of control over the shot. These irons are built using a very soft carbon steel which makes for a soft and smooth muscle back iron and if used properly, the Srixon Z 965 will make you hit with pinpoint accuracy any type of shot imaginable. To sum it up, if you’re a blade aficionado, the Srixon Z 965 has your name on it, it’s as simple as that folks.