Ping iBlade Irons Review
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    The Ping iBlade Irons are the company’s most forgiving and workable blade style irons to date as they’re fully packed with the latest technologies available. To begin with, the steel face is built using 431 stainless steel and it’s stronger yet thinner compared to the previous generation, the S55 irons respectively, thus generating greater rebound. There’s also more elastomer inserted behind the face, so you’ll benefit from a unique softness on ball impact, together with some additional help on mishits, via 4 more grams strategically placed in the toe, which improve the head’s moment of inertia or MOI. The Ping iBlade Irons also have some metal removed from the sole thus it’s easier to maneuver them than ever before, while the shafts are either the Ping CFS graphite or the True Temper Dynamic Gold steel, selling for $1420 or $1300 for the latter. All these technical details aside, the Ping iBlade Irons are arguably the best player’s irons in the company portfolio ever, with a streamlined look, a clean design and a soft feel, not to mention the forgiveness, which is as good as it gets for a blade.

    Just to get a clue about how special these iBlades really are, you’ll be able to spot them into the bags of both staffers and non staffers, i.e. Hunter Mahan and Kyle Reifers alike. With their straight leading edge, the compact blade with very little offset and the thin top line, the Ping iBlade Irons scream player’s iron in a big way, and that’s terrific in my book, being the cleanest looking irons I’ve ever seen from Ping. Also, the iBlade is the softest Ping iron to date, which provides precise feedback and feels awesome when you hit the sweet spot. The forgiveness is comparable to most game improvement irons out there, but the Ping iBlade Irons really deliver like no other in terms of control as they are perfectly capable of hitting every shot you can throw at them, whether it’s a high-low-cut-draw or whatever. Bottom line, the Ping iBlade Irons is perfect on spec, spot on and the ideal choice if you’re seeking for that player’s look but you’re not ready to sacrifice forgiveness in the process.