Nike Vapor Pro Combo Irons Review

    The Nike Vapor Pro Combo are retailing for $1100 in the steel version and they fall into the category of game improvement irons . The forged game improvement irons category is one of those things Nike was pretty good at from the beginning and these babies make no exception to that rule. With the Vapor line, Nike tried and managed to create a Modern Muscle iron and they did that by adding more weight to the toe of the clubs in order to relocate the center of gravity to the middle, while keeping a club design as close as possible to a blade. These irons are basically blade-cavity back hybrids and they are best suited for single figure golf players. The Vapor Pro Combo plays and looks like a true blade, and that’s a great achievement for Nike. How they pulled that off, you asked?

    Well, the main technology used by Nike in these irons is the specially designed club head, which is made using a 5 piece construction, using carbon steel (1025) for the chassis, a forged steel face, RZN inserts, an aluminum medallion and PVD backing. RZN is basically a resin like material and it’s used to fill the little cavity hidden in this high-tech muscle. The same type of material, the RZN thingy, is used by Nike in their golf balls, so now you know where it’s coming from. The proprietary design allows the weight to circulate to the edges of the iron, thus increasing the MOI (moment of inertia) and adding to the Nike Vapor Pro Combo’s forgiveness. Nike did it really well, thus these irons have a tight, firm feel and they sound just like you’d expect from a high quality set of forged irons. The Nike Vapor Pro Combo irons are forgiving and nicely balanced, they’re not too big (rather on the compact size) and the emphasis is on control (they’re actually surgical around the greens) and on the sweet spot. The Nike Vapor Pro Combo irons’s design is simple, small and sleek, even minimalistic and if you swing them well, they have an awesome shot-making potential.