Cobra King F6 Iron Set Review

    The Cobra King F6 Iron Set retails for $799 (MSRP) and it can be described as the perfect package which delivers unparalleled feel, forgiveness and distance, while featuring a classic head shape and a timeless design for boosting confidence shot after shot, round after round. With the Cobra King F6 Iron Set, you'll definitely go down the route of truly optimizing your game performance, as every iron in the set is designed and built for delivering the best performance possible for the given loft. To achieve this goal, Cobra used different head constructions for getting the CG (center of gravity) in the optimal position, and also for delivering the perfect combo of spin and launch angle through the set.

    There are 3 different types of groove shapes combined with 4 types of head, i.e. the proprietary TecFlo design, a technology that helps the Cobra King F6 Iron Set to deliver great performance without compromising forgiveness in the process. All the irons feel and sound different, yet they perform at their best, making for a high-launching set that gets you out of trouble, being effective and stable from the rough and responding very well to basic commands. The Cobra King F6 delivers a great mix of accuracy and easy, flying straight and landing soft, offering exceptional consistency and a coherent and steady feel throughout the set.